Free Genetic Diagnosis for LGMDs

Over the course of this program, we have tested over 2,000 participants and helped many people in their quest to find a diagnosis.  Our Free Genetic Diagnosis for LGMD program has ended, but we want to let you know about a wonderful program offering free genetic testing that should be accepting participants by the end of 2017.

This program is administered by In-Depth Diagnostics (IDD) and is being headed by Dr. Plavi Mittal, former president and CEO of the Jain Foundation.  In early 2017 she launched IDD, a non-profit organization that plans to sequence 100,000 genomes of patients suffering from undiagnosed neurological conditions, including all forms of LGMD, through a platform that is free to the patient. In addition to shortening the diagnostic odyssey for patients, the resulting resource of genomic and clinical data (consented and de-identified) will help spur genetic research and development of therapies for hundreds of rare neurological conditions.

You can find out more about IDD here:

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